Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Make Columns in Microsoft Word

This is the easiet way for u to make text columns in microsoft word
  • Highlight text. To format certain text into columns, use the mouse to highlight the text. Begin where you'd like the columns to begin and highlight all the text you want in the column format. If you're formatting a blank document prior to entering text, skip to step 2
  • Select Page Layout tab. Third from the left, after the Home and Insert tabs, you will find the Page Layout tab. Click on the words Page Layout to open the layout ribbon.
  • Select Columns menu. In the section called Page Setup, you will find several drop down menus that will turn orange when you mouse over them. Click on the box labeled Columns.
  • Select number of columns. When the Columns menu opens, click on the number of columns you'd like to create for the selected text. If you have not selected text, the entire document will be formatted in the number of columns you choose.
  • Complete additional formatting (if necessary). You can customize your column formatting by clicking on Columns again and selecting More Columns at the bottom of the drop down menu. A pop-up menu will allow you to adjust the width and spacing of individual columns and even add a line between columns.

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